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Got some design chops? Create and sell templates easily in HubSpot's Marketplace.

Setting up your Provider Profile 

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Profile. If you do not have a provider account yet, you can sign up for one here.
  2. Enter the contact information for your company's main point of contact in the Contact Information section, then click Save

  3. Add a company description which will be displayed to customers in the Marketplace. When finished, click Save.

  4. In the Payment Information section, click on Receive payments with Stripe and connect to your Stripe account by clicking on Connect with Stripe. Please note that using Stripe is a submission requirement of the Marketplace if the system is supported in your country. If Stripe is not available in your area, you can connect to your PayPal account by entering your PayPal email address. If you don't have a Paypal account, you'll need to create a business account in order to get paid from the marketplace.
  5. When you're finished setting up your payment method, click Save.

  6. Once you've set up your profile, scroll to the top of the page and click the Get Started toggle switch to enable your profile to create and sell templates in the marketplace.
  7. Click on the orange button that says “Upload/Edit your logo.” and upload an image less than 1MB.
  8. You're all set with your provider profile. Now let's start creating some templates.

Submitting your template to the Marketplace

  1. First ensure that your templates meet the guidelines here, and make any necessary changes BEFORE submitting your template.

  2. Navigate to your Partner Dashboard from the top-left dropdown menu, choose Templates.

  3. Then select List a template to get started.

  4. Add a name, price, and description for your template. Be sure the description includes a link to a live example page that is using that template. Then on the right side, you are given a list of all the layouts and files you've created in your Template Builder. Choose the template you'd like to include, (along with the style sheet if your landing page has one. Does not apply for email templates). Select all the features that apply for your template and then click save.

  5. Optional* You may also choose to create your template by submitting all the code (HTML/CSS combined) into the text box

  6. After you're finished, upload an image for your template. You want to choose a image that represents what youre template will look like when people actually use it. This picture will be the first thing buyers see.

  7. Preview your template listing and make sure everything looks good.

  8. Once everything is all set, go back to edit Basic Information and you'll see a button on the bottom left side indicating that your template is ready to be approved. Click Request Approval and your template will be submitted for approval by HubSpot.