Inspire: Support & FAQ

Welcome to the HubSpot Inspire website support and frequently asked questions. 


I'd like to submit an entry, what do I need to know?

We'd love to see your amazing HubSpot CMS work. Here are a few important notes: 

  • You can submit both a website or a specific section or functionality on a website. This means you could have multiple submissions from the same website domain based on what you'd like to showcase. 
  • Please use our Inspire Content Template to create, edit and gain internal approval. 
  • Once the content is ready in the Google doc, please copy/paste it into our Submission Form.

How long does it take to get an entry approved after being submitted?

Because our moderation team manually reviews every entry that is submitted, it can take up to ten days for an entry to be approved and published on the site. 

If there is an issue with the entry, a member of our moderation team will contact you with details on how to fix it. 

Once approved, you will not receive any notification, but the entry will show up in the "Recently Submitted" section of the Inspire website. 


More than one partner has worked on a website -- who should submit that site to Inspire?

It is perfectly fine for both of you to submit the site to Inspire, so long as both of you have permission from your client to submit to the site. Your submission should be reflective of the work that you have done on the website. If you would like to reference the work done by another partner on the same website, we ask that you hyperlink to either their HubSpot Agency Directory Listing, or to their corresponding submission on Inspire.


How do I edit or remove an entry?

Currently all management of existing listings is done manually by our moderators. 
To request a change or removal of an entry, please contact


Can I add a link to my Inspire Submission?

Yes! The Inspire submission form accepts HTML hyperlinks. To add a link into your submission, copy and paste the template below, replacing the "Link text" and "URL" fields with your own content:

<a href="url">link text</a>


Can I submit a website I've built if it was based on a template I purchased in the marketplace?

You should only submit a site that was built on a purchased template if you've significantly edited the template to make it something uniquely your own. In all cases, you should link to the marketplace listing for the template that you're using (the submission form submits HTML hyperlinks). 


I'm having trouble with Inspire or found a bug.

D'oh! Sorry to hear you're running into an issue. We'd love to fix this issue as soon as possible to improve your experience. 
Please contact so we can work on it.