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Below is a showcase of open source HubSpot tools, frameworks, and projects that you can get involved in.

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Open Source Projects

Developer Chrome Extention

Chrome/Chromium extension for HubSpot CMS Developers that adds a developer menu, dark theme and useful shortcuts to commonly used HubSpot query parameters, resources and tools for making HubSpot Development easier and more enjoyable.

Lead developers: Jon McLaren , Gonzalo Torreras

HubSpot CMS Boilerplate

(BETA) - A straight-forward starting point for building a great website on the HubSpot CMS. Designed to work with both local development and the HubSpot Design Tools.

Lead developers: HubSpot Product Team

CrankShaft Framework

A modern framework for accelerating build times on the HubSpot CMS. Based on a modified Bootstrap 4 framework.

Lead developers: Jon McLaren , AJ LaPorte , Mark Ryba , Jenna Shultz , Stefen Phelps

VS Code HubL Language Extension

This extension enables super fast local development of CMS pages, and is a great compliment to using the new local HubL server. It contains comprehensive HubL tag, function, filter and expression test auto-complete snippets, as well as their documentation.

Lead developers: Will Spiro

HubXML Blog Importer

(for backend developers only) - A tool to turn any blog into a HubSpot importable XML file. It will grab post titles, meta descriptions, publish dates, authors, tags, featured images and post bodies, and turns them all into importable XML , building a HubSpot importable XML file. Note: You will need to run Java locally to use this tool. This tool is not supported by HubSpot.

Lead developers: Will Spiro

It's amazing the work our CMS developer community is doing. You're invited to join!


Luke Summerfield

CMS Developer Advocate

Other HubSpot CMS Developer Tools

Tools that were built to help HubSpot CMS Developers, but are not open source.

HubX Asset Copier - Chrome Extension

Copy drag-and-drop module groups between templates with this neat chrome extension by ourfriends at Neambo.

Lead developers: Neambo

HubToolKit - Bulk SEO Management

Need to update or optimize a large website? Save time and headache by using the HubToolkit from our friends at Articulate Marketing.

Lead developers: Articulate Marketing

"Developer Info" HubSpot CMS Button

"Developer Info" will give you a comprehensive JSON tree of all the information available in a page or post.

Lead developers: HubSpot

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