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Developer Chrome Extention

Chrome/Chromium extension for HubSpot CMS Developers that adds a developer menu, dark theme and useful shortcuts to commonly used HubSpot query parameters, resources, and tools for making HubSpot Development easier and more enjoyable.

Lead developers: Jon McLaren , William Spiro , Gonzalo Torreras

CrankShaft Framework

A modern framework for accelerating build times on the HubSpot CMS. Based on a modified Bootstrap 4 framework.

Lead developers: Jon McLaren

HubSpot CMS Boilerplate

A straight-forward starting point for building a great website on the HubSpot CMS. Designed to work with both local development and the HubSpot Design Tools.

Lead developers: HubSpot Product Team

VS Code HubL Language Extension

This extension enables super fast local development of CMS pages, and is a great compliment to using the new local HubL server. It contains comprehensive HubL tag, function, filter and expression test auto-complete snippets, as well as their documentation.

Lead developers: Will Spiro

HubXML Blog Importer

(backend developer tool) A tool to turn any blog into a HubSpot importable XML file. It will grab post titles, meta descriptions, publish dates, authors, tags, featured images and post bodies, and turns them all into importable XML , building a HubSpot importable XML file. Note: You will need to run Java locally for this to work.

Lead developers: Will Spiro

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