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Pricing card module

The Pricing card module is a simple module for the HubSpot CMS that demonstrates how using a repeater and other features of the module system can be used to create a simple editing experience.


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{%- macro inlineDynamicButtonStyles(styleDict) -%}
  {%- for prop, value in styleDict.items() -%}
    {{ prop|replace('_', '-') ~ ': ' ~ value ~ ( loop.last ? '' : '; ') }}
  {%- endfor -%}
{%- endmacro -%}
{%- set buttonStyles = {
    background_color: module.button_bg.color,
    color: module.button_text_color.color
<div class="card">
  <div class="card-header">
    <h2 class="card-heading">{{ module.tier }}</h2>
    <p class="card-subtitle"> {{ module.description }}</p>
  <div class="card-body">
      {% for feature in module.features %}
      {%- icon
        name="{{ }}"
        style="{{ module.feature_icon.type }}"
        unicode="{{ module.feature_icon.unicode }}"
      %}{{ feature }}</li>
      {% endfor %}
    <h3 class="card-heading">{{ module.price }}</h3>
    <button type="button" style="{{ inlineDynamicButtonStyles(buttonStyles) }}">{{ module.button_text }}</button>

            /* css */

.card {
  box-shadow: 0 0 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.15);
  padding: 2rem;
  text-align: center;

.card button {
  display: inline-block;
  -webkit-appearance: none;
  -moz-appearance: none;
  appearance: none;
  border: 0;
  border-radius: 6px;
  padding: 0.5rem 2.5rem;

.card hr {
  background: none;
  border-top: 1.5px solid #CED4DB;

.card-header {
  text-align: center;

.card-heading {
  text-align: center;

.card-subtitle, .card-body li {
  font-size: 0.9em;
  line-height: 1.2em;

.card-body ul, .card-body li {
  padding: 0;
.card-body li {
  text-align: left;
  padding: 0.25rem 0;
  list-style: none;
  margin: 0;

.card-body svg {
  fill: #494A52;
  display: inline-block;
  max-width: 20px;
  margin-right: 10px;

@media screen and (max-width: 1200px) {
  .card {
    padding: 2rem 1rem;

@media screen and (max-width: 787px) {
  .card {
    margin-bottom: 1rem;
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HubSpot CMS Pricing card module

Pricing card screenshot

The Pricing card module is a simple module for the HubSpot CMS that demonstrates how using a repeater and other features of the module system can be used to create a simple editing experience. The module is part of the HubSpot CMS Theme Boilerplate, so the best way to see the module in action together with other modules is to play around with the boilerplate.

Getting started

To try out the module in HubSpot, you can leverage the @hubspot/cms-cli to upload the module to HubSpot.

  1. Run npm install
  2. Set up your hubspot.config.yml if you haven't already to configure the CLI so that you can upload files to the HubSpot portals that you use
  3. Run npx hscms upload "Pricing card.module" "Pricing card.module". This will upload the module to the HubSpot Design Manager.
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