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Add Suffix to Blog Date


Created by: Jason Rosa



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{% set day = content.publish_date_local_time.strftime('%e') %}
     {% if day >= 4 and day <= 20 %}
        {% set day = day + "th" %}
     {% elif day >= 24 and day <= 30 %}
        {% set day = day + "th" %}
     {% elif day == 1 or day == 21 or day == 31 %}
        {% set day = day + "st" %}
     {% elif day == 2 or day == 22 %}
        {% set day = day + "nd" %}
     {% elif day == 3 or day == 23 %}
        {% set day = day + "rd" %}
     {% endif %}
{{ content.publish_date_local_time.strftime('%B') }} <span class='day'>{{ day }}</span>, {{ content.publish_date_local_time.strftime('%Y') }}



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Add Suffix to Blog Date

Purpose: to add the suffix (e.g. the "th" in 13th) to the end of the number on a date in the blog tool


Add this snippet in the blog listing template HTML/blog post template HTML where you want your date to show. To edit the formatting of the month and year please reference the datetimeformat HubL filter here (

2 Recommendations

Jason Rosa


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