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Material Radios for HubSpot Forms

Convert your form radio buttons in any HubSpot form to material radios.

Created by: Timothy Joyce

Tags: Forms


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{{ require_css("") }}
{{ require_js("", "head") }}
{{ require_js("", "head") }}
{% require_css %}
.hs-form .mdl-radio__inner-circle,
.hs-form.mdl-radio__ripple-container .mdl-ripple,
.hs-form .mdl-radio__ripple-container .mdl-ripple {
  background: {{ module.primary_color.color }};
.hs-form .mdl-radio__outer-circle {
  border-color: {{ module.primary_color.color }};
{% end_require_css %}

            var belchmradio_ = (function(){
  return {
    init: function(){
    createListeners: function(){
      this.on("message", this.formLoaded.bind(this));
    on: function(action, callback){
      window.addEventListener(action, callback);
    formLoaded: function(event){
      if( === 'hsFormCallback' && === 'onFormReady') {
        this.form = window.$('form[data-form-id="' + + '"]');
        this.form.find('li.hs-form-radio').each(function(i, elem){
          this.classMe(window.$(elem).find('label'), "mdl-radio mdl-js-radio mdl-js-ripple-effect");
        this.form.find('li.hs-form-radio input').each(function(i, elem){
          this.classMe(window.$(elem), "mdl-radio__button");
    classMe: function(elem, cssClass){

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Material Radios (Custom HubSpot Module)

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Convert those native browser radio buttons to Material Radios

How to use?

Just include this module in any template/page that contains a HubSpot form, and let the module do the rest.

What other features are there?

  • Change the accent color of the radio button


Material Radios preview gif

2 Recommendations

Timothy Joyce

Co-founder / Programmer

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