About Blue Matador

Blue Matador provides automatic detection of server and app anomalies that lead to downtime. With cohesive server monitoring and centralized log management in a single login, the company’s platform offers a glimpse 15 minutes into the future of an organization’s infrastructure. This extra time empowers DevOps engineers to prevent outages before they strike — or affect customers.


Before we signed up for HubSpot, building and iterating on our webpages took days. As a startup focused on preventing server downtime, we couldn’t afford this long process. With HubSpot’s CMS, we shifted most of the building time off our engineer’s shoulders and over to UX and marketing instead. This sped up our deployment time considerably and also gave engineering more time to focus on their own important projects. We now take hours — not days — to iterate on our site.
Vince Stinson
Sr. UX Designer