About Data Impact Solutions

Data Impact Solutions (DIS) is the leading authorized iMIS consultancy that creates products and services to maximize the benefits of the iMIS association management software. 

Founded in 2006, Data Impact Solutions is the only ASI partner today to develop mobile technology solutions that focus first on the needs of the association member. DIS’s work ensures round-the-clock access to engagement between organizations and their members, donors and sponsors that is more convenient and enriching than ever before.


This website redesign called for a comprehensive rebranding of our client Data Impact Solutions to the MOSAIC Mobile Platform – showcasing the company’s full suite of products. Of course, the new website needed to function flawlessly on mobile and provide an interactive and appealing experience for the user. But the creative goal was to produce a clean, high-tech design that served as a strong foundation for inbound marketing and lead generation. Not only was it important to deploy an optimization-focused content strategy throughout the site to improve SEO after the redesign went live, but it was necessary to provide users in all phases of the buyer’s journey with a clear path for engagement.
Annette Sparks
Creative Director
Precision Marketing Group