About Dialexa

Dialexa provides end­-to-­end technology product development - from innovation consulting to visual and user interface design, to software and hardware development, to product and service launch. Dialexa develops for a wide array of technology platforms and frameworks including mobile, web, Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, and embedded devices. Learn more about Dialexa.


At Dialexa we are in the innovation business, and we designed our blog design to reflect that. Given Hubspot’s commitment to innovation and testing the boundaries of marketing, we knew that they would be the perfect partner to help us make our ambitious design and marketing objectives a reality. HubSpot came through for us. Within two weeks, Hubspot added additional features to their platform to accommodate our needs, making our one-of-kind design possible. And we’re proud to say that in 2015, that blog design won Hubspot’s Impact Award. HubSpot has truly become a trusted partner for us, equipping us with what we need to be successful.
Ben Hernandez
Sr. Designer