About Heimsath Architects

Our philosophy is encapsulated in the four words we use to describe our process: “Envision, Collaborate, Design, Deliver.” We continue to learn so much from the remarkable faith, family, and community traditions we are privileged to serve.

We fundamentally believe that truly great design comes from the exceptional energy that defines each group’s identity. We humbly approach each challenge by working side-by-side with community and congregation members to find the best and most appropriate solution. The results embody the unique spirit that draws people together as they share a common vision.


This site was designed for one purpose. To show off the work that Heimsath has created for it clients. So we attempted to do just that. Every page either very clean or is extremely visual. Because we know large images are heavy we used lazy loading for most images. The multiple galleries on the sire are all run by a modified Hubspot blog. I personally love looking at this site and so does many of Heimsaths now clients.
Chad Pierce
Creative Director