About MediRevv Pillar Page

MediRevv is an organization that specializes and provides services in revenue cycle management (RCM) in healthcare. 

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations turn to MediRevv for self pay, insurance, and medical coding extended business office services—among other comprehensive RCM services. Through partnership and collaboration with their clients, they carefully design a performance plan and strategy to attain their RCM goals. 

As their agency partner, SparkReaction worked with MediRevv to write, design, and develop this pillar page and cluster strategy to educate their visitors on a well-rounded self pay strategy. 

SparkReaction is a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency specializing in COS website design and full-funnel marketing and sales consulting for HubSpot users. 

We create meaningful, strategy-driven content for our clients that attract and convert qualified leads. We do full-funnel inbound marketing strategy, and we pair it with the powerful HubSpot COS to make truly functional, data-driven designs. 

We developed this specific pillar pages for searchers looking for a comprehensive, effective self pay strategy that will get their revenue cycle moving. This deep dive definitive guide gives them all the information they need to develop their own strategy in-house.


MediRevv is ahead of the game in their industry with their first pillar page. As industry leaders, providing open access to one of their most popular eBooks was a game-changing direction for not only MediRevv, but also their industry. And within weeks of launching this pillar page, they've already garnered hundreds of views, including one new organic lead. With our new cluster strategy, we'll be bringing in new visitors and better rankings in Google for their Self Pay topic. Because this is an awareness stage piece of content, everyone who downloads the PDF version will be nurtured through our email campaigns with other educational materials. We're excited to develop more pages like this!
Stephanie Tran
Marketing Manager