About Project Pals

Miriam Bogler taught as a computer teacher and tech coordinator at several Southern California public and private schools before earning her master’s degree in educational technology leadership from George Washington University. But after three decades in the classroom, she saw an opportunity that could truly improve achievement and prepare students for a successful future—no matter their chosen path. Channeling her passion for education, technology, and cognitive science, Miriam designed the Project Pals platform.


Project Pals is a project-based learning (PBL) design and management platform for student creation and organization of projects, as well as teacher assessment, feedback, and management of projects and portfolios. With a goal of informing teachers on PBL, Project Pals’ site is a hub for educators to collect resources from thought leaders as they learn about the platform. The Platform and Methodology pages include a vertical animated timeline that highlights important features. A playful color palette along with large, rounded headline fonts and skewed background colors gives this design a fun and youthful look.
Jen Spencer
VP, Sales & Marketing