About QuickFocus

The SnapUp mockup and prototyping tool by QuickFocus lets product managers and UX designers combine the power of team collaboration to visualize a wireframe with the convenience of working on a digitized version and automatically generating requirements documentation. UI design in one seamless process: Snap, you're done! Next? Prototyping just got a whole lot easier. Their site was designed by Hoi Moon Marketing.


Our team has had a love affair with marketing online since 2000, leaping from coding static sites to developing dynamic CMS systems and diving in to social networks as these game-changing opportunities came along. The COS takes the next step. It meets today's challenge of device responsiveness and goes beyond that to context-aware user responsiveness. A properly done COS works in the intelligent and intuitive way tomorrow's technology will be expected to.
Julie Vetter
Julie Vetter
Hoi Moon Marketing