About SmartBug Media

SmartBug Media is an intelligent inbound marketing agency that assists businesses in generating leads; increasing awareness; and building brand loyalty through inbound marketing, digital strategy, design, marketing automation, and PR. For 10 years, SmartBug has been helping businesses increase sales leads, close more customers, and enhance the reach of their brands. One of a handful of HubSpot Diamond partners in the world, and the highest-rated agency in the history of the HubSpot ecosystem, SmartBug Media also boasts the highest ROI documented from any HubSpot partner: 3,558 percent and 14,500 percent ROI on a six-month and three-year campaign, respectively


Making an 8,500+ word pillar page navigable, functional and well designed was an extremely fun challenge for us. We wanted to make sure users were able to get the information they wanted without endless scrolling, as well as provide opportunities for conversion that didn’t get lost. Besides placing forms at the top and bottom of the page, we also utilized a sticky top bar for our CTA. A table of contents in the beginning of the experience, as well as a left sticky nav, easily allows users to jump to the content they find most compelling. To add an element of delight, we animate in all copy to give the page movement and depth.
Danielle Riley
Creative Director
SmartBug Media