About WorkFlowWise

At WorkFlowWise, we work with companies to unlock their digital advantage. Our cloud-based workflow apps and solutions become a key to success. They combine operational efficiency with business outcomes.

We take workflow automation to a new level to deliver a digital edge that drives growth. We provide ready-to-use enterprise apps as well as tailor-made solutions. Our solutions are quick to develop and implement; easy to integrate and use; straightforward to manage and change; and they can extend throughout a transactional business process to create customer intimacy and engagement.


WorkFlowWise is quite unique in their business. They like to make working with them as fun and low-key as possible. The communication is quite informal and they're always transparent about their solutions, contracts and service. We wanted the identity and the website to reflect that unique culture. The design is quite loose with extensive use of color, graphics and variation in page grids which makes it more dynamic. We also spend much attention in setting up the website in a logical customer journey by designing the website as a funnel from general facts to specific information. We wanted visitors to grasp the information very easily, so we never use long paragraphs and work with beautiful icons, clear headers and enough whitespace. We're very proud of this website. Especially because almost the complete website can be maintained through CMS modules by their marketer.
Etienne Lof

Etiënne Lof
Inbound Website Consultant & Partner

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