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A website that has been built to evolve over time to abide by the needs of their customers and create new contacts.
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Company name:

Stonewall Consulting


The project was to find a way to give the clients’ personality a digital voice. Because StoneWall was an engineering firm providing engineering and design services, they wanted to find a way to display their personality to their viewers while also displaying their authority in their space. Another big aspect of the project was to see if we could create content in a way that created new work from a digital presence. This is something that had never been done before in their business.

Problem the company had:

The problem was that the customer needed to find a way to create more revenue for the business through its digital platforms. They needed the proper resources to create that revenue.

The Hubspot CMS solution:

To build and implement an Inbound Marketing campaign that included a new website, content development, landing pages, blogging, as well as email marketing. This was all to be done to not only increase organic contacts, but also create SEO presence for future revenue generation. Using the HubSpot platform we were able to accomplish everything they were looking for and more. StoneWall now ranks above its competitors on Google, and continues to see revenue production from its digital presence.


Stonewall’s website views increased 1000%. Its organic contacts increased 500%. To this date, Stonewall has seen tremendous revenue growth.


Company name:

Stonewall Consulting
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