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Creation of Multilingual landing page with creative designCreation of Multilingual landing page with creative design
Financial Services
Company: C2 Corner
Agency: Straight Growth
A unique and engaging landing page that effectively communicates C2's message and allows users to test their eligibility by filling out a single form.
Developing a Captivating Blog Page to Enhance User EngagementDeveloping a Captivating Blog Page to Enhance User Engagement
IT / Security
Company: Greenstory
Agency: Straight Growth
Greenstory, a sustainable lifestyle brand, aimed to boost engagement and drive growth by creating a highly creative blog page. To achieve this, they contacted Straight growth and we incorporated eye-catching design and user-friendly navigation to keep readers engaged. This developed page successfully fulfilled Greenstory's requirements and helped to maximize user engagement.
Developing responsive microsite with unique designDeveloping responsive microsite with unique design
Company: Mirum
Agency: Straight Growth
Straight Growth collaborated with the team at Mirum to create a website that is not only visually stunning but also highly responsive to different devices.
A User-Friendly Custom CalculatorA User-Friendly Custom Calculator
Financial Services
Company: Cardup
Agency: Straight Growth
A website page that provides users with comprehensive information on the rewards they can earn by using their card.
Suvoda Website RedesignSuvoda Website Redesign
Health and Fitness
Company: Suvoda
Suvoda, a company in the healthcare space, wanted to update their website to be more engaging, user-friendly, and easier to navigate for their internal staff and team members.
Reinventing EHR Healthcare Technology of TomorrowReinventing EHR Healthcare Technology of Tomorrow
Company: Juno Health
Agency: SmartBug Media
Learn how Juno Health joined forces with SmartBug Media® to boost brand visibility and position itself as a leader in the EHR technology space.
Industries using HubSpot CMS
Companies across a wide range of industries trust HubSpot CMS to drive business growth.
Agency (view all)
Company: Vye
Formerly Leighton Interactive, Vye makes marketing measurable by blending technology and data with uncommon creativity.
Software (view all)
Custom HubSpot CMS Design Custom HubSpot CMS Design
Company: Localz
Agency: Huble: UK, USA, Munich, Singapore, Canada
Localz was looking for a partner to help them build a new, user friendly, lead generating website that worked as an extension of the sales team. The old website ‘fell-over’ with outdated website messaging that didn’t mirror marketing campaigns.
Manufacturing (view all)
HubSpot CMS With Resource Area, Blog with GDPR ComplianceHubSpot CMS With Resource Area, Blog with GDPR Compliance
Company: Hydrofinity
Agency: Raka
HubSpot’s CMS powers this custom developed website with GDPR compliance for a UK-based technology company.
Real Estate (view all)
How Growth Driven Design helps market development properties around the globeHow Growth Driven Design helps market development properties around the globe
Real Estate
Company: Bermudiana Beach Resort
Agency: Avidly - Offices: UK, FI, SE, DK, USA, CA, NO, DE
When prospective owners visit the island of Bermuda, with its pink-sand beaches and laid-back lifestyle, selling them a piece of property is easy as long as they have the budget. Bermudiana needed a website that could sell the location, not just the property.
Financial Services (view all)
Of Course Entrepreneur SupportOf Course Entrepreneur Support
Financial Services
Company: Of Course
Agency: Vet Digital - The Growth Agency
Of Course assists entrepreneurs and SMEs in every stage of life. With proactive financial services, life coaching and integrated advice on innovation. We support you so you can focus on doing business.
Nonprofit and Education (view all)
Oregon State University Leveled Up Engagement & EnrollmentOregon State University Leveled Up Engagement & Enrollment
Nonprofit and Education
Company: Oregon State University Pace Program
Agency: Web Canopy Studio
Oregon State University Pace Program saw an increase of 4,800 new qualified leads, enrollment grew by 6.8x, and they had a 182% increase in newsletter subscribers.
IT / Security (view all)
Data-Driven Website for AI and IOT Company in Energy SectorData-Driven Website for AI and IOT Company in Energy Sector
IT / Security
Company: June Energy
Agency: WX Digital Agency
A website that has been built with a clear website strategy in mind, as well evolved over time (in a period of over 18 months) to fulfill the needs and answer the questions from their customers.
Healthcare (view all)
Rivet Health Gets a Website Design RefreshRivet Health Gets a Website Design Refresh
Company: Rivet Health
Agency: No Bounds Digital | Enterprise, Growth Suite, Onboarding, CMS, CRM, Journey Based Advertising
Rivet's clean, modern web design got a refresh to stay on top of best practices and tweaks under the hood gave more flexibiity and scalability to the marketing team.
Consumer Services (view all)
Launchpad site for venture backed SaaS startupLaunchpad site for venture backed SaaS startup
Consumer Services
Company: Lola
Agency: Truu Digital
Bridging the gap between sales, marketing and engineering to create a launchpad site for the worlds #1 rated travel management app
HR (view all)
Case study on Snapshift’s website rebrandingCase study on Snapshift’s website rebranding
Company: Snapshift
Agency: Make the Grade - Conseil et intégrateur HubSpot
Case study of Snapshift’s rebranding and use of the HubSpot CMS.
Professional Services (view all)
How Orega’s HubSpot CMS digitised the customer experienceHow Orega’s HubSpot CMS digitised the customer experience
Professional Services
Company: Orega
Agency: Fuelius
A dynamic, customisable HubSpot CMS solution that strengthened Orega’s brand and allowed for complex integrations with their internal operating system – digitising the buying process so that customers can purchase services and book facilities online.
Health and Fitness (view all)
Cannabis retailer benefits from strategic web redesignCannabis retailer benefits from strategic web redesign
Health and Fitness
Company: Blum Dispensaries
Agency: Instrumental Group
Blum is on the front line of social change -- building a world where you can trust your cannabis more than your food. The place you visit for trustworthy products and services in an inviting retail environment that feels normal because it is normal.
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