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HubSpot COS Update: New Design Manager, Custom Modules & Primary CSS

Written By Meghan Keaney Anderson on May 15, 2014 10:04:00 PM


Now live in HubSpot, you'll find a new design manager layout, which includes custom modules, a primary CSS file and a other design features.





Why did we make these changes? 

There are five major assets you use when you design on the HubSpot COS: Templates, Coded Files, a Primary CSS, Custom Modules and a File Manager. Until now, those assets were spread throughout the platform. The new Design Manager unifies all of these assets into one screen. We hope this will simplify the process for building out designs in HubSpot.

You'll be able to access the Design Manager through the Content Menu. There's an optional guided tour in there for when you're first getting to used to the layout.

In addition to overal simplification of the interface, the new design adds the following features:

  • Tabs: Tabs enable you to have multiple files open at once and quickly hop between them as you work.

  • Syntax highlighting: The code editor now has improved syntax highlighting and a search feature for moving more quickly through your code.

  • Autosave on all layouts and files: What did the world do before autosave? We cowered. We cowered in fear of lost work. This update changes that.

  • Custom Modules: Custom Modules allow web designers to use code to create styled elements of a page that marketers can then use throughout the site without needing to call the developer/designer back in. The custom module sets the style of the module and marketer can just edit the content.

  • Primary CSS File: The Primary CSS file will be the main stylesheet used on COS setups. This is one style sheet to rule them all -- the one place to go in HubSpot to make universal style changes to your site or landing pages. In addition, every page will now have a "CSS attachment view" which makes it clear what styles are influencing the look of a given page.

  • File Manager: While not new, the file manager is now integrated to be right alongside your other design assets and has some nice improvements to the way it manages files.



We'd really like to know what you think of these HubSpot updates and the new Design Manager layout.  After you've had some time to try it out, eave us some comments below or let us know in the Designers Forum

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Meghan Keaney Anderson

A product marketer at @HubSpot. Meghan is interested in tech, social innovation, writing, and just about any action movie from the early 90s.