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12 of the Best Resources to Learn to Code for Free

Written By Christie Wang on Oct 28, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Resources_To_Learn_To_CodeforFreeLearning to code has slowly become a more and more valuable skill. Whether you are a marketer, a graphic designer, or even a UX designer, understanding how to code can expand your skillset and make your job a whole lot easier. So, with that, let's run through 12 of the best free resources you can use to learn how to code. 

1. CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy has over 25 million users and is one of the most popular places to learn to

code. If you're just getting into the world of learning to code, this is a fan favorite. It uses an ultra engaging and interactive experience to teach you a variety of different lanagues (anything from HTML and CSS to Phython and Ruby). 

Expertise: No prior expertise needed

Topics: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Angularjs and more

Price: Free

2. CodeWars

CodeWars gamifies the entire learning experience. Through a martial arts theme, you slowly are awarded honor after you complete challenges, called kata. There are opportunities to interact with and collaborate with the CodeWars community.  

Expertise: No prior expertise needed

Topics: JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, CoffeeScript, Haskell and Clojure

Price: Free

3. HubSpot CMS Developer Discovery Kit

Built for new-to-HubSpot developers, the Discovery Kit is your quick-start guide to building on HubSpot CMS. 

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Included in the kit is:

  -  Access to our HubSpot CMS Developer Slack (very active)

  -  A (free) CMS developer sandbox account

  -  Quick-start activity (build a template and module in under 15 minutes)

  -  Exploratory content, documentation, resources, and tools.

Go from “What is HubSpot?” to launching your first template in the time it takes to get a pizza delivered!

BONUS: If you ever get stuck building a HubSpot CMS website, utilize HubSpot CMS Developer Community Slack and Community Forum. These are great places to crowd source questions, collaborate, and have fun with thousands of CMS Developers around the world.

Expertise: No prior expertise needed

Topics: Building websites, blogs, and landing pages on HubSpot CMS

Price: Free!

4. Harvard University's Edx CS50 

This Intro to Computer Science course is offered by Edx, an open sourced online higher learning platform run by Havard University and MIT. There many courses to choose from but, I'd suggest starting with CS50. 

Expertise: No prior expertise needed

Topics: all courses offered in Edx cover Java, Python and more 

Price: Free, $90 for certification 

5. Free Code Camp 


This camp themed online porgram teaches coding through a very established program (takes approximately 800 hours to complete). It also features an online community and boasts a community of 125,741 "campers" who have joined their learning ocmmunity. 

Expertise: No prior expertise needed

Topics: CSS and HTML, Java, Git, Agile and more

Price: Free

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy doesn't just teach you to code. There are options to learn almost anything on Khan Academy. They feature a wide range of topics in interactive formats. For example, for coding courses, they use an interactive "talk-through". Bonus: They feature some coding courses for kids too. 

Expertise: No prior expertise needed

Topics: CSS and HTML, Java, SQL, and more

Price: Free

7. GA Dash 


This is a project based online learning course that brings you thorugh how to create your own website. 

Expertise: No prior expertise needed

Topics: CSS and HTML, JavaScript 

Price: Free

8. The Odin Project 

This is a free online coding bootcamp that allows you to work in in-person or in online study groups. This program helps you build a portfolio and includes a "Getting Hired" section at the end of the course. 

Expertise: No prior expertise needed

Topics: CSS and HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby programming, and Ruby on Rails 

Price: Free

9. features an intensive "Hour of Code." Although this program is geared towards children, it's self-paced drag and drop tutorials combined with lectures from big named tech superstars (i.e. Mark Zuckerberg) results in an extremely interactive learning experience. 

Expertise: Kids

Topics: JavaScript, Phython and more

Price: Free

10. Code Conquest 

Code Conquest is a course specifically geared towards beginners. It's geared towards studnets who "don't know where to start" when it comes to learning how to code. 

Expertise: No prior expertise is needed

Topics: JavaScript, Phython, C++, CSS and HTML, PHP, Ruby and more

Price: Free

11. GitHub

GitHub features over 500 free programming books covering over 80 different program languages. That's a lot. So, if you ever want to harken back to a book that you used to learn a lagnauge, go here! 

Expertise: No prior expertise is needed

Topics: All 

Price: Free

12. MIT Open CourseWare 

MIT maintains an open library of documentation of all of the courses that they teach. This documentation includes video lectures, assignments and more. No account is required to see any of these materials. 

Expertise: No prior expertise is needed for some classes

Topics: Almost any taught in Computer Science classes at MIT

Price: Free

Do you have any resources to add to this list? Did you learn to code for free? If so, how?

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Christie Wang

Christie Wang is a passionate marketer who currently attends Tufts University. When she's not at Hubspot or Tufts University, you can find her on a long training run along the Charles River.

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