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15 Gorgeous Fonts to Use in Your Next Design

Written By Jami Oetting on Feb 7, 2015 11:00:00 AM


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The perfect typeface can make even the most boring text seem more exciting, fun, or even mysterious. 

It can make someone actually want to read your article, ad, or old-school brochure. And it can make designing an old-school brochure a lot more enjoyable.  

If you're tired of using the same fonts over and over again, check out this list of some of the best typefaces released in the past year:

1) Core Deco


This geometric, art-deco style font family has 14 different font styles and weights.   

2) Mohave


Mohave is an all-caps typeface with three different weights.

3) Domaine Sans


Domaine Sans is a high contrast sans serif. 

4) Calavera


Inspired by Mexican Tuscan lettering, this font is perfect for bold headlines.

5) GT Sectra


This typeface emulates text written with a felt pen, broad nib pen, and a scalpel knife in three different angular typefaces. 

6) Input


Use this font to display code in your designs. 

7) FF Dora


FF Dora is a strong serif font inspired by handwriting. The name was inspired by the Slovakian nickname for headstrong girls.

8) Erotica



This typeface was inspired by roundhand calligraphy.

9) Jeames



This extended serif has a retro-feel with big curves and fun glyphs. 

10) Canter


Canter is an all caps, condensed typeface that would be perfect for titles and posters. 

11) Bellissima


This script was inspired by a Latin calligrapher, featuring many ligatures and connections.

12) Love Script


Love Script is a marker pen inspired font for elegant lettering. 

13) Chopin



Chopin is a fun slab serif that's perfect for the web. 

14) True North



This font is the right pick for vintage or outdoors-inspired design work, and it comes with additional labels, animals, and icons. 

15) Chimphand


Chimphand is a handwritten typeface with a modern style. 

What typefaces inspired your work in 2014? Let us know in the comments!

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Jami Oetting

Jami Oetting is a content strategist for Agency Post, HubSpot's blog for agency professionals.

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