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25 Absolutely Gorgeous Responsive Sites for Inspiration (B2B, eCommerce, Media, Nonprofit)

Written By Christie Wang on Dec 9, 2015 7:30:00 AM

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. So, when you're feeling a bit lackluster, here is a list of 25 modern sites from a range of industries that will spark a little bit of inspiration in you. All of these sites are mobile friendly and responsive and feature a host of great features. This list is split into multiple sections based on industry so, you can find the most relevant and useful inspiration. Go forth, my friends! 


A huge trend in B2B companies is wide splash page that includes animations or looping stock videos. As you can see in a few of the sites listed below, the looping stock video is relatively popular. If you're interested in learning more about it, click here. Something to note: Although B2B companies keep things simple but, they like to add a little personality (see Mailchimp and Zendesk) into their sites.

1. Salesforce


2. MailChimp


3. Evernote


4. InsightSquared

5. Zendesk

6. New Relic

7. Big Cartel

8. Invision App

9. Feed Music


10. Everlane


11. BloomThat


12. AYR


13. Warby Parker


14. Harry's



15. Huffington Post


16. Minimums

17. Medium

18. Flipboard

19. Asterik 

20. The boston globe



22. How I Fight:

23. Girl Effect

24. Under the Weather

25. It's On Us


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Christie Wang

Christie Wang is a passionate marketer who currently attends Tufts University. When she's not at Hubspot or Tufts University, you can find her on a long training run along the Charles River.

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