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5 Reasons to Attend Developer Day 2017 at HubSpot

Written By Angela Hicks on Sep 1, 2017 9:22:42 AM

It’s time for HubSpot Developers from all over the world to connect, discuss, and learn together at HubSpot Developer Day. We’re celebrating the developer community with a day-long conference by developers for developers.

developer day 2016

If you have experience with HTML, CSS, and an Object Oriented Programming Language (such as JavaScript) this is the event for you to sharpen your design skills and gain some new tactics. It’s also recommended to have completed the HubSpot Design Certification to ensure basic familiarity of the tools that are being discussed.

Still not sure? Here are five reasons why you'll want to be at Developer Day this year:

  1. INBOUND -- If you're already planning to be at the best marketing and sales event of the year in Boston, then you're practically already at Developer Day. Simply make your way over to Cambridge to attend the Friday of INBOUND (September 29th).
  2. It's Free -- We want you to build amazing sites on HubSpot. Developer Day can help you do that, and it's completely free.
  3. Network with other developers and agencies -- Ever want to bounce a development problem or question off someone else who knows what you're going through? This is the place to do just that. By attending Developer Day you'll meet a bunch of developers that you can network with, and when needed, who can help answer questions. Whether you're an independent developer or an agency, you can also network with others to grow your business.
  4. Get exclusive access to the latest development tools and features in HubSpot -- Attending Developer Day means that you'll not only learn about some amazing new products coming but also get access to them as soon as possible. 
  5. Meet the HubSpot product team -- If you've ever wanted to meet the people behind the HubSpot product, now is your chance. There will be an "Ask Me Anything" (within reason) session during Developer Day where you can get all of your technical questions heard, and hopefully answered.

Check out the schedule and register for Developer Day below. We can't wait to see you there!

 Register for Developer Day

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Angela Hicks

Angela Hicks (LinkedIn, Twitter) is a Senior Inbound Professor at the HubSpot Academy. Angela holds a BFA in graphic design and an MA in advertising and public relations. She has taught design courses in numerous settings, including the University of Alabama, and at Apple Inc.’s flagship store, where she worked in the Creative division for four years. Following a year of working with HubSpot customers and partners as a Support Engineer Team Lead, Angela now uses her design knowledge to teach best-practice conversion rate optimization, user experience and marketing automation, and manages the HubSpot Design Certification and the Contextual Marketing Certification.

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