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Freebie Friday: The Free Stock Photos You've Been Searching For [NEW DOWNLOAD]

Written By Erik Devaney on May 1, 2015 3:30:00 PM


This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Marketing Blog.

Finding the perfect free stock photo ... what a feeling!

It's like finding a black pearl in an oyster, or like finding a golden Chachapoyan fertility idol in a booby-trapped Peruvian temple (hat tip, Indiana Jones).

Why is it so rare to find a free stock photo that's the perfect fit for your blog post, email, or other piece of content? 

For starters, the selection of truly free photos on the web is limited. Creative Commons, for example, is a great source for royalty-free images. But in most cases, you still need to attribute the creator/photographer when using a Creative Commons image in your content.

What's more, just because a photo has been labeled as having a Creative Commons license, there's no guarantee that that's actually the case. In other words, even if you think you're using a "free" stock photo correctly, you might not be, and that could come back to bite you (in the form of legal action and/or a fine).

To help marketers and designers avoid these headaches, HubSpot's marketing team recently analyzed the most frequently searched stock photo keywords on the web. And based on our results, we've created this collection of stock photos that you can use in your marketing and website designs -- for free. Seriously. No strings attached.


For your convenience, The Free Stock Photos You've Been Searching For collection is divided into the following categories:

  • Office stock photos
  • Computer stock photos
  • Kitchen stock photos
  • Other miscellaneous stock photos (for the ones that just wouldn't fit into a category!)

Looking for other options? We've got you covered. Here are 450+ more free stock photos that you can use in your marketing and designs.

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Erik Devaney

As a content strategist at HubSpot, Erik spends his days planning, writing, & designing resources for the modern marketer.

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