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[In Beta] An Improved, More Dynamic Follow Me Module

Written By Alex Girard on Apr 18, 2018 4:33:25 PM

As part of the new design manager, the follow me module has been revamped to allow users more flexibility. The new follow me module supports Instagram, gives developers more control over the default content of the module, and there is now a separate follow me module for email.

Why does it matter?
The new design manager affords developers a great deal of flexibility when creating modules. In the past, if you used our standard follow me module, there weren't a whole lot of options for a developer looking to make custom changes to the modules. For example, you had to use the icons that HubSpot provided you with, in the order that they were listed. If you created a custom follow me module, you lost the flexibility of updating an account in social settings, and having that reflected across all instances of the follow me module. This update gives developers more options when editing modules, and also creates a jumping off point from which they can begin to create more dynamic follow me modules to provide on our Marketplace.

How does it work?
A number of things have been updated within the follow me module. Instagram is now supported within the standard follow me module just like it is within the social publishing tool. A developer will also have the option to change the order of modules, or the icons used by the module.

The email-specific follow me module will not be tied to the accounts in social settings. For this module specifically, you’ll be able to add icons as you see fit, drag and drop them into your desired order, toggle between square or circle icons, and also change the color of the icons.

You can also add a custom social account and icon if your brand is active on a social platform other than the networks listed.

Who gets it?
The new follow me module is available to anyone using the new design manager.

What language is it in?
Currently, the new design manager is only available in English. We're actively working to localize the tool to make it available in all languages supported by HubSpot.

Topics: Product Updates

Alex Girard

Alex is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot, and an avid music fan.

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