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Customizable CMS developer settings for coded files

Written By Shawn Bristow on Feb 6, 2019 1:18:42 PM

We get it -- developers have preferences. To make the coding experience as enjoyable as possible in HubSpot, we've added new design manager settings directly into the tool.

Working in an efficient coding environment is table stakes for CMS developers to successful write code, meet deadlines, and become promoters of the CMS. Prior to this update CMS developers had no control over their in-app coding experience; like the ability to control the size of the font or whether or not to use line wrapping.  We have taken some of the most used local code editor options and baked them right into the new coded file editor of the design manager.

When using the design manager, users will now have a new 'settings' option in the bottom toolbar. Once within the new settings screen users have access to 2 different Settings panels: General and Code.

Within the General tab users can control whether or not they want the Finder open when returning to the design manager as well as the option to update the preview based on the tab selected in the design manager.

The real power comes when users access the Code tab. With the Code tab users have the ability to customize their code editor settings.

Within the appearance section user can set their theme and font preferences. Developers take this stuff seriously -- just ask our own product team if they are a light theme or dark theme developer. There will be no shortage of debate around this topic.

Within the Source section of the Code tab, users have more granular control over

  • tab size
  • indent unit
  • indent with tabs
  • smart indent
  • indent on formatting input
  • line wrapping
  • whether or not we show trailing whitespace
  • auto close brackets
  • match brackets
  • match tags
  • continue block comments.


For CMS developers who have access to more than one portal they will be happy to know that they only have to configure their settings once, in one portal, and every portal they have access to will reflect their settings. It is important to note that these settings are by user and not by portal.

This is now available to Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users, as well as users of HubSpot CMS.


Topics: web development, CMS

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