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[Now Live] Updated HubSpot FTP for the New Design Manager

Written By Alex Girard on Jul 27, 2018 11:36:43 AM

HubSpot  FTP support will sunset on Wednesday,May 27, 2020. After that date, FTP clients will no longer be able to connect to HubSpot. FTP does not support the critical functionality needed to make developing on HubSpot a great experience. We created theCMS CLIto solve this. The CLI provides the same upload and fetching capabilities you're familiar with in FTP, as well as a ton of features not even possible through FTP. Now is a great time to get started with the HubSpot CMS CLI.
What is it?
HubSpot's FTP has been updated for the new design manager. The new tool now gives you complete control over the folder and file structure of the design manager in your local environment.

Why does it matter?
FTP lets you transfer HTML files, CSS stylesheets, Javascript files, and file manager assets between HubSpot and your local development environment. Today’s updates to HubSpot's FTP gives the CMS Developer the same file and folder management system they get within the design manager in their local environment. This gives them more flexibility and control over their workflow as they create assets in HubSpot. Best of all, the new FTP service also lets you create modules on the new module framework.

How does it work?
In the old FTP, you had access to folders that held your files within the file manager, the coded templates, and your custom modules. You could only access these files in the folder structure present within the design manager, and there was no way to edit folders outside of this structure. Today’s update adds a new root folder called “designs.”

Clicking into this folder, you will see the same file and folder view that is available in the new design manager. From here you’ll be able to manage all your HubSpot coded files. You can freely move files around, and easily create new directories.

 With the new FTP, you can also create or delete new modules and see these changes reflected in the design manager --- something that was not possible in the old FTP.


Who gets it?
This is currently available to all Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, and Enterprise users that are in the new Design Manager.


What language is this in?
At this time this update is only available in English.

Topics: Product Updates, CMS

Alex Girard

Alex is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot, and an avid music fan.

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