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The Refreshed Local HubL Server is Now Available

Written By Alex Girard on May 11, 2018 11:41:34 AM

We’ve modernized the Local HubL server to support our website developers and HubSpot’s recent design manager additions.


Why does it matter
Just because you develop websites on HubSpot’s platform, doesn’t mean you develop directly within our design manager. Most developers will build out assets within their local environment and then transfer their work into HubSpot. These updates to the Local HubL server let developers render test templates and modules in their local environment, creating a better experience for those who develop on the HubSpot platform.

What is new?
The following updates have been made to the Local HubL Server.

  1. We’ve added support for Java 9+
  2. The Local HubL Server now supports the new Modules framework and mock modules
  3. Added mock data for contacts, accounts, and owners
  4. Updated the HubL functions and tags library

How do I get it?:
The latest package can be downloaded here.

Who is it available to?
The local HubL Server can now be used by all Marketing Hub Basic, Professional, or Enterprise users who develop on the HubSpot platform. 

Alex Girard

Alex is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot, and an avid music fan.

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