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HubSpot COS Update: Five free Themes for new customer portals

Written By Sapphire Reels on Feb 27, 2015 10:00:00 AM


Marketers are constantly evaluating the success of their efforts, success that is largely determined by the ability of their website to drive conversions. When their website isn’t delivering, they look for an easy way to create a beautiful website, yet often become deterred by the technical knowledge required to take action.

That’s where Themes come in. Themes provide everything from a to z needed for an easy-to-edit website designed to attract and convert visitors. Themes are free, quickly customizable, and require no coding, so marketers can focus their time on creating and maximizing the value of their content.

For our HubSpot partners, Themes provide a starting point for designers to leverage and modify for their clients needs. These premium themes come complete with advanced javascript animations, offering a compelling experience for site visitors.

Please note: Themes are currently only available for new customer portals created after 2/23/2015. A process for implementing Themes for all current HubSpot COS customers is in the works, so stay tuned for more information.


How it works:

  1. From the “Getting Started” menu, select “Choose a theme for your pages.”


  2. This will bring up the Theme Setup. By default, you will be assigned the “Vast” theme. To select a new theme or preview one of the other four themes, scroll over the theme you would like to view and click either “Use this theme” or “Preview”.


  3. From the preview window, you can either select “Use this theme” to implement the theme on your COS site or click “Choose a different theme” to return to the other options.


Again, this process is for new customer portals on the COS. As we deploy this for all customers, we will make sure to update you. Happy HubSpotting!


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Sapphire Reels

Sapphire is a Northeastern University Alum and a product marketer at HubSpot. By day, she enjoys dabbling in graphic design and storytelling. By night, you can find her watching mockumentaries or being a foodie.

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